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Bottle wine


Birra Asahi

Left: Moretti beer
Right: Moretti La Rosso
A beer maker with a long history in Italy.
It is loved in 40 countries around the world.
With 4.6% alcohol and Japanese beer
It's a beer that is easy for Japanese people to drink because it changes so much.

Acqua Panna


Italian malt whiskey Puni Vina
The first and only whiskey distillery "Puni" in Italy.
I rarely see you in Japan.
Clear water, locally grown grain, traditional Scottish copper pot stills, and specialty wine barrels.
These grow Punivina.
Aroma like fruit cake. Fine walnuts and sweet sultana grapes wrap the flavor and aroma of cinnamon, plum, orange peel and cherry compote.
Enjoy the beautiful amber color.
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