Enjoy the taste of La Gioconda at home.
If you order directly at the restaurant or make a reservation by phone in advance, we will prepare it at your desired time.
From the menu below, we can order a la carte (single item) as well as prepare courses according to your budget.
Reservation reception time: 10: 30am-21: 30pm
Pick-up time: 11: 30am-22:00pm
We also accept orders for delivery. Our staff will deliver it to your home or office upon request.
Night delivery is available. Please feel free to contact us and make a reservation by 21:30.
Delivery area: Minato-ku / Chiyoda-ku / Chuo-ku / Koto-ku / Shinagawa-ku / Meguro-ku Please contact us for delivery to areas other than those listed on the left.
Shipping fee: A flat rate of 1,000 yen (excluding tax) will be charged separately.
Inquiries / Reservations: 03-6436-0240 (Japan Marketing Service Co., Ltd.)
An example of a delivery menu
Left: Assorted Italian appetizers
(Assorted according to your budget)
Center: Grilled beef tenderloin
Right: Assorted ham and cheese
※ The specifications of the dishes may be different.