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In La Gioconda We are looking for staff.

Enjoy the authentic Italian atmosphere at work!

If you like Italy, want to study abroad, want to learn Italian, or want to work happily , please feel free to apply.

We'll be expecting you.

【Application Requirements】

Store name: La Gioconda

Industry: Italian restaurant

Job types: 1. Kitchen staff (employee / part-time job)

2. Hall staff (employee / part-time job)

3. Hall part-time staff

Work location: 2-10-2 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Communication: 4 minutes on foot from Akabanebashi 7 minutes on foot from Tamachi Station 10 minutes on foot from Azabujuban

Qualifications: None (experienced person preferential treatment, inexperienced person welcome)

Why don't you play an active part in Jokonda, which offers the best hospitality such as authentic Italian pizza, authentic fresh pasta, and T-bone steak.
You will be able to speak Italian before you know it! A wonderful companion will welcome you with a smile.

To Mori, Japan Marketing Service Co., Ltd.
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